Length: 104” (2641)
Width: 57” (1447)

Length: 108” (2743)
Width: 66” (1676)
Height: 50” (1270)

Standard Equipment
Unity Float Controller
Micron Filtration System
Multi-color LED lighting
Stereo Transducer Speakers
Insulated Tub
Dual In-Tank Heaters




The Revolution Float Orb was designed with the largest interior float pod space to accomodate the tallest athletes comfortably. At 8’8” interior float length the Orb is even longer than commercial float rooms.  Designed from the ground up the Orb has a low step in threshold and larger side opening lid for easier entry and exit of the pod and the unique design allows for simple installation, fitting through smaller doors and openings.  If your looking for the ultimate in float pod luxury look no further than the Revolution Float Orb.






Fiber Optic Ceiling
This upgrade will add to the float orbs already spacious experience. The orbs ceiling will illuminate with small star-like lights that will take you to the next level. Imagine, gazing into the stars as you are resting within the orb; making your journey into the subconscious even more amazing.